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There is nothing quite as tasty as a fresh picked fruit, vegatables and mushrooms. And when it comes from your local environment and is picked, cleaned and prepared by YOU, it is AWEsome. At Memphis Mushoom Fest, you will find some of the best and freshest produce you will ever have the pleasure of tasting paired with the most interesting lectures and classes.

Memphis Mushroom Fest is a yearly, camp syle festival, held at Meeman Shelby Forest.  We have rented the whole park!




This festival is part of the growing movements of sustainability, healthy cooking and legalization of all plant food and medicine.  The public is calling for more local farms, organic foods, humanely raised meats, and natural medicine to combat our modern health epidemics. Our goal is to teach you all about the wild and wonderful world of mushrooms. 

We take a lot of pride in what we provide. All the food and forays we offer are within our area, specificaly highlighting foods and fungi that grow in Tenneseee, Mississippi and Arkansas. As well, most of our leaders and lecturers are from these areas - everything has a local connection.

This is a family friendly, diverse, inclusive group.  All you need to join us is an interest in nature, sustainability and a desire to connect with like minded people.

We will have offerings for everyone in your family and look forward to connecting with you all in the fall!  

Music, Food & Fun